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Welcome to the SRCE Certification Authority (CA) web site. SRCE CA provides PKI services for Croatian academic and research community. Users can request personal and service certificates.

SRCE CA was accepted by TERENA TACAR CA repository on May 14. 2006. On July 12. 2006 SRCE CA became accredited member of EUGridPMA.

This web site provides the most important information as well as interface for requesting and revoking certificates. Web interface is built by using OpenCA.

Request a certificate

Before submitting certificate request users are advised to carefully read CP/CPS.

Users are recommended to request personal or service certificate through the web interface Alternatively, users can create PKCS#10 request and submit it through the interface or send directly to SRCE CA email address (see Contact).

In next stage user must contact RA in order to authenticate the user. Authentication must be performed by meeting RA staff personally and showing appropriate photo ID. Applicants also need to provide written request for certificate signed by institute or project leader. Detailed information about authentication procedure can be found in CP/CPS.

After successful authentication user will receive notification mail and the user signed certificate will be available at the web interface

Detailed manual in Croatian can be found here. Basic instruction on converting certificates to Globus friendly form can be found here.


Following RAs can be contacted for identification:

CA Certificate

SRCE CA certificate is available in following formats:

Certificate Revocation List

Here you can download the most recent Certificate Revocation List (CRL):

Certificate Policy and Certificate Practice Statement

Detailed information about SRCE CA can be found in Certificate Policy and Certificate Practice Statement (CP/CPS) document:


Globus related

PKI Definitions

Certificate (Public Key Certificate)
A data structure containing the public key of an end entity and some other information, which is digitally signed with the private key of the CA which issued it.
Certification Authority (CA)
An entity trusted by one or more users to create and assign public key certificates and be responsible for them during their whole lifetime.
Registration Authority (RA)
An entity that is responsible for identification and authentication of certificate subjects, but that does not sign or issue certificates (i.e. an RA is delegated certain tasks on behalf of a CA).
Certificate Revocation List (CRL)
A time stamped list identifying revoked certificates which is signed by a CA and made freely available in a public repository.
Certificate Policy (CP)
A named set of rules that indicates the applicability of a certificate to a particular community and/or class of application with common security requirements.
Certification Practice Statement (CPS)
A statement of the practices which a certification authority employs in issuing certificates.


SRCE CA is operated by University Computing Centre (SRCE). You can contact SRCE CA at the address below:
University Computing Centre
Josipa Marohnića 5.
10000 Zagreb
Email: srce-ca (at) srce (.) hr
Phone: +385 1 616 55 41
Fax:   +385 1 616 55 59

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